Mediasteak is a blog founded in 2013, focussing on the qualitative curation of free media libraries and video on demand services. The Mediasteak editorial team recommends well-selected content from the confusing online range of public and private television and helps users to orientate themselves. The blog is followed by thousands of users per month and was nominated for the Lead Award and the Grimme Online Award in 2014.
"Nowadays, we are saturated with information.
Infinite choices on the internet.
Who can guide us in navigating this vast ocean of information, so we can also pursue that other thing from time to time, what's it called again...? Oh yeah, real life!"
Sean black

It was my task to design a friendly and dynamic world that explains the way the Mediasteak blog works. Below you see some storyboard excerpts i did in order to come to an agreement with the client on what to show and which road to take in terms of style and humor.
Off Text by Sean Black & MUSIC from Audiojungle.​​​​​​​

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