For the 2020‘s GERMAN SHORTFILM AWARD in Berlin I created the intro as well as the six animated inserts introducing each category, all under the topic of „Wanderlust“, which i thought might be a beautiful way to cope with confinements and covid restrictions these days. Every category is set in a completely different environment. 
Exploring the worlds in a backwards movement we always end up in a framing, that's showing a hexagon created within the exotic worlds and being used as a title frame. 
All music was composed and produced by the wonderful Andreas Skandy.

The Intro Sequence
Category Animation: Documentaries
Category Animation: Feature Film 10-30 min
Category Animation: Experimental Film
Category Animation: Feature Film up to 10 min
Category Animation: Feature Film up to 10 min
Category Animation: special price

Here I share some time lapses of graphical assets i created for the animations of the GERMAN SHORT FILM AWARD 2020

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