"Time - probably the most important ingredient."
Above: Title animation, using DIN, all done in After Effects

I created all scenes within Cinema 4D using the cell shader. Then I included 2D elements I created within Illustrator and After Effects, so those would produce real shadows and blend in better. The grainy look was the trickiest part. I wanted it to stick to the world and its surfaces even though the camera would move. Eventually it was created by exporting a second pass only using a projected grain texture on the geometry for proper parallax and perspective. 

Below you can see some of the character designs I created in Illustrator and later animated 
in After Effects as loops.
Above: timelapse of creating some of the silhouettes for the final shot

For creating the sound atmosphere, Jan Brett recorded me doing guitar parts and whistle tones that might represent distant wind or machine sounds. All in all we didn't want to use a "godlike" music layer that can be heard on top of the actual sound world. In fact Jan wanted the musical elements to feel, like they were actually happening live at the airport. In this way we gain authenticity and moments feel more real and less edited.
    Above: credit design, using animated airport icons

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