Earlier this year I had the opportunity to work on an official Covid-19 awareness campaign for the state ministry of Baden-Württemberg. Together with Josia Brezing and his team we came up with a concept for five clips adressing different fields in our everyday life related to the pandemic.
I designed, illustrated and animated all the animated parts and elements of these clips.
Thanks to the wonderful Josia Brezing, Felix Fahle, Leni Leßmann and everyone else involved. <3

All Illustrations were done in Procreate for the storyboarding and later finalized in Illustrator.
Everything was animated and composed in After Effects. 

Below You can find some of the final campaign clips discussing topics like the difference between younger and older generations, sex, zoom fatigue and conspiracy theories during the pandemic.
Design, Illustration & Animation
Redaktion und Recherche 
ProductionDesign & Kostüm 
Set Manager 
Color Grading 
Ton & Sounddesign

Josia Brezing @josia_brezing
Felix Fahle
Leni Leßmann @lenilessmann
Timm Völkner @timm_dacapo
Mira Biehler, Laura Wohnus, Lea Dillmann, Annika Bingger, Luisa Bleich, Alina Braun 
Adrian Schwarze @schwarzeadrian
Larissa Bonitz @larillobster
Christoph Bockisch @bockisch.camera
Holger Enck @holger.verfolger
Lea Dillmann @schokominza_7
Charlotte Fleck @lottesmakeupworld
 Gabriel Becker @filmwarriorz
Felix Karte @fekarte
Gavin Haughey @gavin_haugheyy
Julian Berg & Marco Dahl @berg.dahl.audio

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