Eyes & Ears of Europe focuses on quality-related debates on design, promotion and marketing of audiovisual media. ​​​​​​​

Together with two highly talented motion designers, Milena Mayer and Ulrike Kaffei, I designed and created the 30 seconds long opening for upcoming E&E events, within Ralf Lobeck's workshop TYPE IN MOTION at the FILMAKADEMIE Baden-Württemberg. 
We then teamed up with the fabulous Andreas Skandy to create the sound/music design.
With our society being restless and used to fast edits we wanted to create a soothing feeling within the opener, while still rising tension in the end, which among other things is mainly created by the increasing pace of numbers and the change of a slow clock ticking to an electronic beeping in the sound layer towards the end.

With "Marketing", "Promotion" and "Design" being the three claim words of EYES AND EARS OF EUROPE, we challenged ourselves to create them in an analogue fashion. For "Promotion" I used black light and poured flourescent fluids into letter shapes. Each word consisted of several elements, which we seperated and later on combined to create the countdown numbers. By building our own "toolbox" we managed to unify our three styles using the numbers as a creative bridge.
Below you can see several images of how I created the letters for "Promotion".
Animation "Marketing" - Ulrike Kaffei
Animation "Design" - Milena Mayer
Animation "Promotion", Compositing, Edit, Project lead - Timm Völkner
Sound Design - Andreas Skandy

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