Ever since I was a kid Fanta4 music was part of my life growing up.
With the lyrics and musical style always being incredibly original and relatable
in the context of time I listened to this band for more than 3 decades,
when I was finally asked to create the title design and the actual visual world the music video is set in. 

Founded in the mid-80's the band collected a lot of stories and memories they are looking back on in the song, while focusing on the future. This concept we tried to visualise using photos made over this period of time, arranged as tunnels in multiple layers, like walking through one's own memories. The artists were shot in front of green screen and later put into a photo world customized to each one individually as can be seen in the following Breakdown video:
Camera // Edit - Oliver Berberich (Tape in a Nutshell)
Title Design // Photoanimation - Timm Völkner

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