Visualization of my friends' living room in Barcelona
I always was a huge fan of LucasArts adventure games. The way they created worlds visually but also in terms of sounds and music constantly blew my mind and used to be a main inspiration for me.
After recently moving to Barcelona I was able to stay at some friends' place (you know, who you are) for a couple of days. I liked their living room/kitchen so much, that I decided to transfer it into a more cartoony world with some LucasArts vibe on top. Well, since people tend to experience these things differently, at least, that's what it felt like to me. I created the main shapes within Illustrator, refined it in Photoshop, animated it in After Effects and also included some 3D-Assets, since I like to mix a 2D-Look with actual 3D-objects to achieve a more blurry line between the two worlds. 
I went out and took some audio recordings in the streets of Barcelona I later on used for the sound design. In terms of music I opened up good ol' Garage Band (first time in ages) and tried to come up with something warm. Some might say it's cheesy, to me it just has a golden warmth I always used to enjoy. 
Since I prefer to tell emotions rather than actual action based stories I created the whole clip as a loop, to give the atmosphere a chance to unfold.

A short clip, that depicts some workflow insights of the Bon Dia loop

Simple sparrow loop I created to have
some birds flying in the background.
In Spring 2020 people in Spain were forced to stay inside for 8 consecutive weeks due to the covid-19 pandemic. Looking out of my window everyday made me start imagining things as can be seen below.

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